We have compiled a set of ultrasonic audio recordings of different mobile apps including Google Nearby-based apps. Since ultrasonic sound is inaudible we have made the sounds visible (by computing spectrograms) and audible (by shifting their pitch to the audible range). The entire dataset can be downloaded under “Ressources” on the SoniControl webpage.

Ultrasonic Tracking

A recent study of TU Brunswick (Germany) reveals that many more Apps than expected use ultrasonic information exchange. More: here. The study can be found here. The SoniControl Project Team members currently work on real-time audio processing methods that enable a robust detection of ultrasonic information. You can find all news on our Project Website: Read more about Ultrasonic Tracking[…]

SoniControl Wiki

We have published our SoniControl Wiki which contains a comprehensive collection of links, literature and background information about ultrasonic communication technology. You find the Wiki under “Resources” on the SoniControl Website! Sharing is caring!