Forschungsfest Niederösterreich Presentation of SoniControl and SoniTalk

On September 27th we presented SoniControl and SoniTalk at the Forschungsfest Niederösterreich in Vienna. The event was taking place at the Palais Niederösterreich and welcomed numerous visitors interested in experimenting and discover Lower Austrian research projects.

Our stand was in the “Rittersaal” where projects about the “Medien und Technik” topic were positioned. We were able to show the latest features of our SoniControl app, especially the visualization and sonification of ultrasound, developed thanks to netidee’s support.

forschungsfest sonicontrol stand

Copyright: FH St. Pölten / Florian Kibler

Additionally, Matthias gave a talk together with Sebastian Schrittwieser from the IT-Security research department of the St. Pölten UAS on the main stage. The topic of the talk was “Wie werden Handys ausspioniert und was kann man dagegen tun?“. They presented both our projects and a project from the IT Security department intended to raise awareness about the importance NOT to give permissions to an app unless it really needs it and can be trusted.

forchungsfest sonitalk screen
forschungsfest sonicontrol screen

We were able to present both SoniControl and SoniTalk, introducing the possibility to use data-over-sound on standard smartphones to a wide audience.

We would like to thank the Forschungsfest organization team for inviting us, the UAS St. Pölten Forschung und Wissenstransfer department for its support, and netidee for funding both SoniControl and SoniTalk projects.