iOS Concept for SoniControl 2.0

Many people contacted us in the past and asked if an iOS version of SoniControl is available.

There seem to be a large demand from the iOS user community and therefore we tried our best answering the following questions:

  • Is it technically possible to create an iOS version of SoniControl?
  • Would an iOS version of SoniControl be allowed on the Apple App Store?

Here are some insights from the iOS Concept for SoniControl 2.0:

It seems technically feasible to implement the core functionality of SoniControl on iOS: a scanner detecting ultrasonic communication and offering to block them. A few workflows will need to be redesigned to match iOS constraints (e.g. restarting audio recording from the background is not possible) and a major open question that can only be answered at publishing time is the permission to use the audio background mode.

We are looking for motivated contributors to support us with the implementation. If you are interested, please contact us at sonicontrol (at)