SoniControl 2.0 Release

SoniControl Update available in Google Play Store

We are pleased to announce that the updated version of our SoniControl firewall was released on the Google Play Store!

The new version includes novel features like:  

•    An algorithm that recognizes the type of message and the protocol behind.

•    Novel visualization and sonification features to make the detected signals visible and hearable. This is essential to build trust in the firewall i.e. to show what was actually detected.

•    An option to share detections via a server for detailed diagnostics and to support other users.

•    A feasibility study that evaluates ways to port SoniControl to iOS

•    Comprehensive bug fixing and improved stability

•    Comprehensive update of user and developer documentation

•    A new consolidated app version that includes all developed functionality, i.e. SoniControl 2.0.

Beyond the planned goals of the project, we achieved the following additional goals:

•    A component to download and integrate firewall rules from other users to the own phone to leverage detections made already by other users.

•    A complete refit of the user interface of the application for improved usability

You can download or update it here:

The code can be seen and downloaded at this address:

And the updated documentation (user and developer) is on our website, under documentation.

We are looking forward to your feedback!