SoniControl app launch ! The first ultrasonic firewall is now available on the Google Play Store

We are pleased to announce that SoniControl firewall app was released on the Google Play Store ! You can download it here: The code can be seen and downloaded at this address: And the documentation is on our website, under documentation. We are looking forward to your feedback !

SoniControl Source Code Released

The source code of the SoniControl Application has been released publicly as a GIT project. You can download it from our website: under Ressources – Code. The code is released under GNU license. Everyone is welcome to contribute to our project. Get in contact with us!

SoniControl presented at All Around Audio Symposium 2017

The ultrasonic frequency band represents a novel and so far hardly used channel for the communication of different devices, such as mobile phones, computers, TVs, and personal assistants like Google Chromecast. Ultrasonic communication is a promising technology since it requires only a standard loudspeaker and a microphone (as built into our phones) for communication. While Read more about SoniControl presented at All Around Audio Symposium 2017[…]

SoniControl @ BMWFW Tag der offenen Tür

The project SoniControl will be presented at the “Tag der offenen Tür” of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research, and Economy on the National Holiday (26.10.2017). The project will be shown from 10am to 4pm! We hope to see you there to show you some demos of our prototype!

Meet SoniControl @ ARS Electronica

The SoniControl Project will be presented at this year’s ARS Electronica festival from September 7 – 10. See our live demo of how ultrasonic communication works and how we detect and mask it! You can find us in Postcity Linz, first floor, Room No. 11. We are looking forward to see you there!


We have compiled a set of ultrasonic audio recordings of different mobile apps including Google Nearby-based apps. Since ultrasonic sound is inaudible we have made the sounds visible (by computing spectrograms) and audible (by shifting their pitch to the audible range). The entire dataset can be downloaded under “Ressources” on the SoniControl webpage.

Ultrasonic Tracking

A recent study of TU Brunswick (Germany) reveals that many more Apps than expected use ultrasonic information exchange. More: here. The study can be found here. The SoniControl Project Team members currently work on real-time audio processing methods that enable a robust detection of ultrasonic information. You can find all news on our Project Website: Read more about Ultrasonic Tracking[…]

SoniControl Wiki

We have published our SoniControl Wiki which contains a comprehensive collection of links, literature and background information about ultrasonic communication technology. You find the Wiki under “Resources” on the SoniControl Website! Sharing is caring!