SoniControl 2.0 main activity with labels, a status bar, a stop button instead of exit, start and pause in one button, and a "cleaner" style

Usability testing and UI redesign

Over the past weeks we have been working hard on integrating all the features of SoniControl 2.0 in the most usable way possible. We have been conducting expert interviews and user tests and wanted to give you some insights into this process. You will see below the evolution of SoniControl main activity design over time: Read more about Usability testing and UI redesign[…]

SoniControl 2.0 spectrogram on ultrasonic detection

SoniControl 2.0 beta testing

We are glad to announce that SoniControl 2.0 is ready to (beta) test on the Google Play Store! As previously announced, this version includes novel diagnostics features intended to make ultrasonic signals more “graspable” to the users. Everyone is invited to test the app and give us feedback on the new functionality as well as Read more about SoniControl 2.0 beta testing[…]

Forschungsfest Niederösterreich

On September 27th we presented SoniControl and SoniTalk at the Forschungsfest Niederösterreich in Vienna. The event was taking place at the Palais Niederösterreich and welcomed numerous visitors interested in experimenting and discover Lower Austrian research projects. Our stand was in the “Rittersaal” where projects about the “Medien und Technik” topic were positioned. We were able Read more about Forschungsfest Niederösterreich[…]

Improved map visualization and import detection rules

Our map visualization improved significantly since the first prototype. It now has the functionality to filter by technology, address and time; and shows different technologies with different colours. Beside that, the amplitude of the detections is shown by the radius of the circles and the number of detections at one place is shown by the Read more about Improved map visualization and import detection rules[…]

sonicontrol diagnostics dialog prototype

Integrating the diagnostics module

Here is a first prototype of our new detection dialog. It now integrates the visualization of ultrasonic messages and will offer the possibility to replay messages at audible frequencies to get a better grasp of what was detected. These diagnostics features should help users to distinguish potentially unwanted signals from false detection (e.g. triggered by some “noise”). A sharing functionality will also make Read more about Integrating the diagnostics module[…]

SoniControl at the netidee Spring Talk

On the 16th of May was taking place the netidee Spring Talk 2019. A great opportunity for the teams of all the funded projects to gather, give a short presentation of their status, ask for help on some specific issues or even offer support in their expertise field. We then had time for networking and Read more about SoniControl at the netidee Spring Talk[…]

Making sound visible

How can we show to the users how an ultrasonic message looks like? This question was investigated by the SoniControl team in the last weeks while working on our “Diagnostics-Module”. We are currently implementing sound visualization techniques to make the received inaudible ultrasonic messages better tangible and interpretable to the users. A first result of Read more about Making sound visible[…]

SoniControl on Radio Ö1

SoniControl was a part of the Radiobroadcast “Camouflage für das Leben in der Überwachungsgesellschaft” on radio Ö1 in the course of the “matrix” series. More information can be found here:

St. Pölten UAS nominated projects with their award

Lower Austrian Innovation Awards ceremony

On January the 17th, the federal state of Lower Austria was awarding prizes to outstanding innovative projects made in Lower Austria. This year, 10 projects from research institutions and 25 projects from companies were nominated in five categories. SoniControl, as well as four other research projects from St. Pölten UAS, were presented and received a recognition award. “The Read more about Lower Austrian Innovation Awards ceremony[…]