Commercial Products & Apps (using ultrasonic information)

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Name Description Comment Links
Pocket Casts Share Podcasts with your neighbors
Trello Share task lists
YinzCam Mobile app for sports fans “More recently, two lawsuits filed this fall—each about the Android app of an NBA team—allege that the apps activated user microphones improperly to listen for beacons, capturing lots of other audio in the process without user knowledge. Two defendants in those lawsuits, YinzCam and Signal360, both told WIRED that they aren’t beacon developers themselves and don’t collect or store any audio in the spectrum that’s audible to humans.”
Signal 360 (formerly SonicNotify) App for proximity marketing that transmits marketing messages via sound. “Proximity marketing is when marketing content is transmitted wirelessly to people in a specific location. The trouble is, it's hard to have universal standards and get people connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in, say, a store or a mall. o That's where Signal360 comes in. Its technology supports proximity marketing via sound. Signal360's patented technology is designed to transmit marketing messages via sound. Through any speaker. For example, it can broadcast coupons over a store's PA system. It can transmit over TV commercials or through small speakers specific to a tiny aisle in a store. 48% off Travel Cord Organizer - Electronics Accessories Case & Cable Organizer... 78% off Senso Bluetooth Sweatproof Sport Headphones - Deal Alert 20% off Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker - Deal AlertHere's another neat trick: Signal360 can transmit code during a TV commercial or radio spot that's picked up by an app on your phone, which notifies the advertisers that you, specifically, have heard their commercials. With Signal360, an advertiser can then track you and determine that after hearing its radio spot, say, 12 times and seeing its TV commercial 30 times, you walked into a store and, after receiving an in-store promotion, bought its product.
Proxee Proxee is a patented end-to-end proximity marketing platform that allows our clients to send rich multimedia content to mobile devices in real-time using proprietary beacon hardware, with full compliance and support with Apple’s iBeacon™ and Google’s Eddystone™ frameworks– all on top of three different technologies: Geofencing, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Sonic Audio (patented Ultrasonic technology).
Google Chromecast Chromecast is a streaming media adapter from Google. It pairs via Google Nearby “the guest mode uses ultrasonic technology to communicate through a TV's speakers. The ultrasonic tech "pairs" the TV and the Android phone using a four-digit PIN code sent via sound. After that, the control takes place over the Internet (with the TV continuing to use your home's Wi-Fi and the phone using its own mobile broadband connection).”
Chirp Datatransfer via sound “A U.K. company called Chirp lets you send data via sound. The basic use case is to send a picture to someone nearby. (Both people need to have the Chirp app running.) The phones are simply pairing, and the picture is being uploaded, then downloaded, through each phone's respective Internet connections.”

Clinkle App for money transfer and mobile payments To date it is not clear if audio technology is really used in Clinkle

Radon The app lets you send links to other devices which have the same app open. It works without pairing to those devices and it allows to send links to multiple devices the same time. uses Google Nearby,

Thought The app lets you share text and photos to other devices at the same place as you are. You can post anonymously or with a nickname. Every post is available for 5 minutes unless you post more. uses Google Nearby
Card Case Share cards nearby. The Card Case app exchanges your business cards with people around you. You don’t need to create any account or send emails. It works instantly. uses Google Nearby
Join The app lets you send links from one device to another, sync notifications and send SMS messages. You can remote control the other device.