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SDK: http://nearbytes.com/en/products.php#opt1
SDK: http://nearbytes.com/en/products.php#opt1
Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hyu1nli3_C8
Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hyu1nli3_C8
| SonoBeacon || The basis of SonoBeacons innovative Visible Sound Technology is ultrasound, a high-frequency audio signal. This enables localisation and communication, especially in closed rooms.||  ||

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Name Description Comment Links
Silverpush Silverpush is a cross-device tracking platform for advertising purposes. “By March the FTC had drafted a warning letter to developers about a certain brand of audio beacon that could potentially track all of a users’ television viewing without their knowledge. That company, called Silverpush, has since ceased working on ultrasonic tracking in the United States, though the firm said at the time that its decision to drop the tech wasn’t related to the FTC probe.” According to Silverpush it is not using ultrasonic communication anymore. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SilverPush




Google Nearby Google Nearby is a location-based service infrastructure on Android phones and iPhones that uses ultrasonic information for pairing devices. Pairing works by exchanging a short “pairing code” via BT Classic, BT Low Energy, Ultrasound. All devices that capture the same code can exchange information. http://blog.p2pkit.io/how-google-nearby-really-works-and-what-else-it-does/



SlickLogin SlickLogin is a technology that enables to send passwords encrypted over the air via ultrasonic sound It was bought by Google and and most probably has been integrated into Google Nearby https://techcrunch.com/2014/02/16/google-acquires-slicklogin-the-sound-based-password-alternative/



Drawbridge A cross-device tracking technology that is said to use ultrasonic sound to link devices https://drawbridge.com/c/graph
Shopkick Shopkick is a hard- and software infrastructure that uses inaudible sound to track customers entering a shop with audio beacons mounted at the shop entries Shopkick developed it's own beacon "shopBeacon" that integrates audio and bluetooth technology (according to wikipedia) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shopkick
Fidzup (in-store tracking) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gti-XdiP-Jo

Lisnr LISNR is an ultrasonic audio technology — a communication protocol that uses inaudible sound, called Smart Tones™, to transmit information. http://lisnr.com/
CopSonic CopSonic is a technology that allows communication and interaction between two devices through sound waves. The secure transfer is achieved through microphones and speakers. Now and in the future, mobile, tablets and smart devices will be able to exchange information without compatibility issues unlike Bluetooth LE, NFC & Infrared. http://www.copsonic.com/ https://anthonyuchung.wordpress.com/category/pixeliris/
CaptchaSonic Captchasonic is a captcha system alternative using ultrasound communication between a web component and a mobile application. The purpose of this free tool is to eliminate or limit the actions of spammers and robots in web pages and forms. Instead of having to decipher a graphic captcha on the same page in which there is the stage of validation, Captchasonic provides an unique tool to achieve the same goal. http://captchasonic.com/
GateSonic GSM GateSonic GSM is a strong universal authentication solution created to prevent brute force attacks, Trojans or sniffers hacking web sites. Secured data is exchanged between the web site and the phone through encrypted ultrasonic waves. http://gatesonicgsm.com/
MySonicWallet Exchanging bitcoins through sound or ultrasound with your mobile device. http://mysonicwallet.com/
Prontoly By Mastering The Sonic Signal-Processing Domain, Prontoly Is Redefining The Way Devices Pair And Authenticate. Providing Ultrasonic Solutions To Key Market Verticals. https://prontoly.com/
XT Audio Beacons Audio beacons can synchronize and/or relay data to devices through a variety of broadcast media. This data-over-audio method uses sound waves in a similar way to how Bluetooth employs electromagnetic waves, offering an alternative method of relaying data for both iOS and Android http://qraider.com/XT/FAQ/
Fidzup Fidzup has developed a means of communication between a sonic emitter and a mobile phone. Thus, by diffusing a tone, inaubible to the human ear, inside a building we can detect the presence of mobile phones and therefore their owners. https://web.archive.org/web/20171015025307/http:/v2.fidzup.com/en/notre-solution/
NearBytes NearBytes has developed a SDK for exchanging data via sound. works in the hearable range

http://www.nearbytes.com/ SDK: http://nearbytes.com/en/products.php#opt1 Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hyu1nli3_C8

SonoBeacon The basis of SonoBeacons innovative Visible Sound Technology is ultrasound, a high-frequency audio signal. This enables localisation and communication, especially in closed rooms.