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Name Description Comment Links
Silverpush Silverpush is a cross-device tracking platform for advertising purposes. “By March the FTC had drafted a warning letter to developers about a certain brand of audio beacon that could potentially track all of a users’ television viewing without their knowledge. That company, called Silverpush, has since ceased working on ultrasonic tracking in the United States, though the firm said at the time that its decision to drop the tech wasn’t related to the FTC probe”

According to Silverpush it is not using ultrasonic communication anymore. || https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SilverPush




Google Nearby Google Nearby is a location-based service infrastructure on Android phones and iPhones that uses ultrasonic information for pairing devices. Pairing works by exchanging a short “pairing code” via BT Classic, BT Low Energy, Ultrasound. All devices that capture the same code can exchange information. http://blog.p2pkit.io/how-google-nearby-really-works-and-what-else-it-does/



SlickLogin SlickLogin is a technology that enables to send passwords encrypted over the air via ultrasonic sound It was bought by Google and and most probably has been integrated into Google Nearby https://techcrunch.com/2014/02/16/google-acquires-slicklogin-the-sound-based-password-alternative/



Drawbridge A cross-device tracking technology that is said to use ultrasonic sound to link devices https://drawbridge.com/c/graph
Shopkick Shopkick is a hard- and software infrastructure that uses inaudible sound to track customers entering a shop with audio beacons mounted at the shop entries Shopkick developed it's own beacon "shopBeacon" that integrates audio and bluetooth technology (according to wikipedia) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shopkick